Monday, February 04, 2013

Comparing (Medical) Journal Apps

There are a couple of great Apps available to read your preferred Journals, scan them and keep up to date on your tablet.
The CMB UMCG want to test a few of them more thoroughly in the next weeks.

Flipboard-like (Medical)
  • DocwiseRead (by QxMD) personalized "Flipboard" for medical journals, news and topics.
    Both these Apps have Settings for our library's proxy off-campus access.
    • In Docwise you choose: Alabama; University Medical Center Groningen
    • In Read: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen(reviews Docwise & Read)

Start Pages-like (Medical)
  • Docphin (unfortunately they are not responding to my requests to include our outside-US Institution, we can't test it. Update: They are willing to activate my institution, details sent, now we have to wait!)
Bookshelf-like (All Topics, including Medical)
  • BrowZine (We are talking to them for a possible trial. This is the only App with a license-fee plan)
  • Finally reading Tables of Contents in a useful way?

What do you think?


Janneke said...

thanks for the tip, I tried docwise, although the registration process was akward, the app seems to work fine

Daniel Schwartz | QxMD Medical Apps said...

Thanks for mentioning Read by QxMD. It's a free app for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and can be installed here ==>

Learn more here ==>

We suspect you'll find that our algorithmic curation of the literature and one-tap access to full text content to be some of the greatest features we offer.

Please send any suggestions to or support requests to

Guus van den Brekel said...

Thank you Daniel for the info. We want to do a trial period with the 4 apps mentioned and are waiting for some to add our institutional access and/or holdings. We would like to create a comparison table and ask ou to give us some features we shoukd compare between all! We want details on your alghorithms and search specific settings.:-)